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We have 15 years of professional expertise in the treatment of adult with a physical disability specialising in spinal cord injury. Our Occupational Therapy team is able to provide a personalised home based service to clients living in the community. We provide functional assessments, rehabilitation in daily living skills, equipment prescription, upper limb splinting, seating solutions and complex home modification solutions. We also specialise in the provision of Medico-Legal reports to personal injury law firms and insurance agencies.



With a dedication to Equal Access for All, the team at Total Access is committed to working closely with their clients to ensure that buildings & environments are accessible to those with a disability. To this aim, we provide expert advisory services, access auditing and concept design solutions, (as per Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia). Our 10 years personal and professional experience gives us an unprecedented insight into the requirements of those with a disability. We work closely with Occupational Therapists to offer a holistic approach to Access Consultancy.

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